Boarding and Grooming

Boarding at BnR is limited to 6 dogs per night to ensure a happy, healthy, and safe stay while in our care. All boarding dogs must be registered with our daycare and have completed our assessment process and attend a day of daycare prior to spending a night. We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible while in our care, their home away from home if you would. A typical day of boarding at Barks would entail 12 hours of interactive play, running and socializing from 6am - 6pm. Between 6pm-7pm your dog will go into his/her kennel, to rest and eat dinner. From 7pm - 10pm all dogs will be back out to partake in our evening play sessions. At 10pm the dogs will be tucked in and kissed goodnight, back into the safety and comfort of their own personal kennel to dream about tomorrow’s fun. The Condos are temperature controlled and range in size from 24 sqft to 36 sqft. All Condos are open air (no ceiling) for continuous ventilation, and the floors are lined with anti-fatigue rubber matting. Kennels/Condos are spacious, bright, and built with your dog’s safety, comfort, and happiness in mind. Did we mention each kennel is themed - Your dog can stay in Venice, Paris, the Grand Canyon, Whistler, or Waikiki Beach - You won’t be the only one on vacation!

We require from you and your dog before we board the following:

1. Must be existing client, Completed Assessment, and 2 days of daycare.

2. 3 days notice/booking 72hours.

3. A bed.

4. Your dog’s food and food bowl.

5. Payment 50% upon drop off and 50% upon pickup.

6. $58.00 per night (6+ nights $50 per night)

7. Additional $10/Night all long or Holiday weekends. (Including Christmas, New Years and March Break)

8. 2nd dog is 25% off boarding rates

Pick up a clean dog - we can wash your dog and have them squeaky clean for your return.


There is nothing quite like cuddling with a clean dog. We’ve all been through the trials and tribulations of the dreaded dog bath. BnR’s Dog Wash Station will save your house the mess and your back the ache. A clean dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog is a loved dog.

By appointment only call or email us today

905-629-2622 or

Nail Trim $15.00

Ear Cleaning $15.00

Brush Out $20/half hour

You Wash – You bath and bond with your dog. We provide the tub, the suds, a towel and the dryer.

Sml Dog $25 Lrg Dog $30 Xl Dog $45

We Wash – We do all the work. Drop them off dirty, and pick them up clean.

Sml Dog $30 Lrg Dog $40 XL Dog $50

Play n’ Wash – We wash your pup before pick up. For the romp’n and roll’n dogs that get dirty at daycare, and ideal for dogs that are boarding.

Sml Dog $25 Lrg Dog $35 XL Dog $45

The Werx – For all dogs needing a full groom (hair cut) BnR is pleased to partner with Deanne of Cuddles n Clips. Deanne has over 15 years experience professionally grooming dogs in the GTA. Contact Deanne directly at 647-237-4263 to book a spa day.

All grooming is by appointment only call or email us today

905-629-2622 or