Our Approach

Our philosophy at Barks n’ Rec is not only to train the dog, rather to educate the human. We offer a Puppy Socialization Course and our very own MDP course or ‘My Dog Pack’.


Puppy Socialization Course


This is a 4-week course and each class is about 45 minutes in length. It’s an ideal way to introduce your newbie to the outside world in a controlled environment with others of similar age. This class helps to create the bond between dog and human at this crucial development stage. Then you will start to learn the basics like ‘sit’ and ‘come’; we go over important topics like potty training too. Most importantly is the socialization, this is where they learn about manners, what is and what is not acceptable behavior, all while in a light, playful setting. This course is capped at 6 dogs and runs 4 weeks concurrent, all for just $150.00 (plus HST). Check our event calendar to find the next start date.


My Dog Pack Course


This is not just another sit-stay-come-heel class like all the others offered throughout the GTA. At Barks n’ Rec we guarantee results. Our MDP course will equip you with knowledge and techniques, upon completion you will have the confidence and tools to be the Pack Leader. At our facility we do cover the every days like sit and stay and walking on a leash, in addition to this we have a home setting complete with couches dining room table and T.V’s, this is not offered anywhere else and can be an essential tool to help you and your pooch get on the same page. We are the only Hybrid class in the GTA, at Barks n’ Rec we are both hands on, and reward based training, we take the best of both philosophies into account. All they want is to be loved, fed, walked, and know their position in the pack. The MDP course is capped at 6 per class to ensure quality one on one time, the course runs 6 weeks concurrent, each class is approximately 1 hour in duration. The cost to participate is $220.00 plus HST. Please check the events calendar for the next start date.


Key Features

• Sit, Stay, Come

• Couch Surfing

• Answering the Door/Meeting Strangers

• Levels 1, 2 & 3 together

• Results guaranteed