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We travel a lot and have taken our English bull terrier Robbie to two other doggie daycare's. Unfortunately our past experiences have not been good, and we were desperate to find someone who we would feel comfortable leaving Robbie with. Thank God we found Matt and Barks N Rec. During our previous vacation we had been told that Robbie was aggressive with other dogs, and they had isolated him for his bad behavior. We had thought that this was strange since it is behavior that we had never seen in our little bear. Fortunately after speaking to an employee of this place we were referred to Barks N Rec. We spoke to Matt before visiting and he was very helpful and informative. We could tell that Matt genuinely loved working with dogs, and was very knowledgeable. We brought Robbie in, and we were given a tour of the facility. The daycare is equipped with internet cameras which is extremely comforting, as we could watch Robbie whenever we had time. I think it says a lot about a place when they are confident enough to have cameras, and everything is done in the open. While we were gone Matt went above and beyond to make our Robbie comfortable. He even took Robbie home at nights which just shows how much he cares. Several times we could see Matt and other staff members being very affectionate with Robbie and the other dogs which we really appreciate. Watching Robbie and the other dogs over the camera you could tell that they were having fun, and were well supervised at all times. We were really impressed with the amount of cleaning that is done at the daycare, it is swept and mopped several times during the day. We can't say enough good things about Barks N Rec, we have already booked another stay for Robbie for our next vacation. The most telling thing for us was when we came to pick up Robbie, he was reluctant to leave Matt his new uncle. I will definitely recommend Barks N Rec to anyone who loves their dog.

~Russell V

Amazing spot for dogs whether you are looking to drop them for a day of fun, or ten days to explore Europe like we just did. Matt and his team are true professionals. I just joked with my husband that we dropped our puppy off at camp "a boy" and we've picked him "a man". He's come back home with us learning lessons he could have only gained by running with the pack and playing hard. What a blast he had, Barks N' Rec is the most fun your dog can have. Highly recommend!

~Nicole C

Our little Loki loves Barks n Rec! Matt is fantastic and he has a fun staff! As the Organizer of the Toronto Boston Terrier Meetup Group, we cannot thank Barks n Rec enough for the continued support of our group. One of our group's favourite locations!

~Mandy E ยท

All of the staff here are great and have always been more than accommodating. Can't speak highly enough about their care for the dogs and the excellent service that they offer. They also offer their space to various groups and rescues on a regular basis, offer photo sessions with your pets during the holidays, etc... Great business all around.

~Jeremy Zavitz

I would like to highly recommend the "My Dog Pack" training at Barks n Rec. The business owner, Matt, instructs the class himself. Because the group is limited to 6 dogs, the class is able to be highly organized. Matt is therefore able to quickly understand your dog as well as the owner. The individual attention which is given to each dog makes success likely. Matt's personality allows him to give encouragement to each owner's efforts, as well as to give critical feedback. This gives each owner specific things to work on with their pet during the week. This program taught me many "tips" to ensure I am on the road to a well trained dog. Thanks Matt!! Lulu and Betty

~Betty R

I was looking for a place where I could drop off my dog on days when I was going to be busy, as well as a place that offered boarding for when we had to go out of town. I researched a lot of places, looking for the right fit for Kobe and our family, and I found it at Barks n Rec!! He loves it !! He's been going for a day or two each week for the last couple of months. As soon as I tell him he's going to see Matt and Alishia he sits by the door waiting to go. When I pull into the parking lot, he gets crazy excited, and he can't wait to get in there and play. It's a great place for Kobe to socialize with other dogs and burn off his abundance of energy, by the time I pick him up, he's tuckered out, Thanks to everyone at Barks n Rec for everything you do. You guys rock!!

~Deb M

I have been taking my 4 year old Husky rescue to BnR twice weekly for 3 years now and I have zero concerns when he is in their care. When I rescued my dog he was a handful. I was his fourth owner and his last hope. To say he was high energy was an understatement. And I was at wit's end. 2 hours of exercise a day plus countless hours at the dog park didn't seem to help. He was destructive, naughty, and suffered from separation anxiety. Matt and his team came to my rescue. It wasn't long before I realized they love these dogs like their own. And I could see the change in my dog. He loved going to daycare. He would bark like mad when we pulled up to the entrance (still does 3 years later). And when I picked him up at the end of the day he was tired and content and would snore in my car on the drive home (still does 3 years later). BnR is an outlet for dogs to have fun, to learn how to socialize, to burn off energy, to have companionship (both human and canine) in a controlled, loving, safe, yet FUN environment. And my dog is a well adjusted, well trained, happy tired dog because of it. His time at BnR has made him a wonderful dog and I am so thankful we found Matt and his staff.

~Natalie S