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    Full payment is due @ registration. Accepted methods of payment are as below:

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    Class Cancellations:

    • There are no make up classes! No rain checks, no refunds after the first class.
    • Private lessons offer more flexibility for those that have scheduling conflicts.
    • Special accommodations will be provided due to Covid related issues or the dog becoming ill (ex. kennel cough).
    • Trainers are willing to meet clients 15 minutes earlier or after, to go over classes that have been missed.

    Weather conditions:

    • Lessons may be rescheduled due to extreme weather. If driving conditions are unsafe, a make up class will be scheduled.

    Return policy: All class sales are final!

    • Refunds may be considered under special circumstances such as:
    • Dissatisfaction after the first class.
    • Dog or Owner injury or illness.
    • Other reasons to be approved by Barks n’ Rec Management. Inquiries can be sent to
    • Retail products sold that are defective, can be returned or exchanged within 14 days from purchase. With original packaging and receipt.

    Social media:

    • We like to share our client’s progress. However, any pictures taken by your trainer will not be used without your permission on our social media apps, case studies or website. Consent is provided on the registration forms.

    Complaints and Testimonials:

    • We appreciate our clients feedback! Any complaints, suggestions for improvements or positive feed back can be sent to
    • Our goal is to make dog training enjoyable and convenient for our clients and your opinion matters to us! All Google or Facebook reviews are entered into a draw to win a basket of dog treats and toys. Winners are picked every three months.

    Waiver Form and Attestation

    While you’re sure to have a lot of fun with your four-legged buddy, it must be noted that being with animals comes with its own set of challenges. By signing this form, you acknowledge that you accept the risks inherent in these activities and indicates your understanding, voluntary and unconditional agreement to all of the terms contained within this Release.


    Barks n’ Rec agrees to exercise due diligence and reasonable care, and to keep the premises sanitary and properly enclosed. All dogs handled or cared for by Barks n’ Rec staff without liability on the part of Barks n’ Rec for loss or damage from disease, fire, theft, escape, injury, death, or harm to persons, other dogs or property by my dog(s), or from other unavoidable causes, due diligence having been exercised.


    Despite all dogs appearing mentally and physically sound and being treated with the utmost care and foresight, dogs are unpredictable and have the potential of displaying unwanted behaviors without warning. I understand that participation in dog Training and dog Events – including transportation to and from Barks n’ Rec premises – is not without some risk to guardians, family members, guests, other people, dogs and possessions. These risks can include – but are not limited to – illnesses and injuries to persons or dogs, such as bites, cuts, scrapes and abrasions to pads.

    I hereby declare that I am responsible for personal injury, injury or damage to other dogs, or damage to property caused by my dog(s) while under the care and control of Barks n’ Rec and its agents, or any time my dog(s) is on Barks n’ Rec premises. I agree to assume full and sole responsibility for any and all costs thereof and agree to compensate Barks n’ Rec, outside staff, and/or other Guardians in full for any such damage.

    Assumption of Risk

    I agree to hold harmless and release from liability Barks n’ Rec, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and affiliates from any and all claims or suits which arise in any way out of services provided by Barks n’ Rec or affiliates, or as a consequence of my association with Barks n’ Rec, including but not limited to lost or misplaced property, any injury, illness, damage or loss to myself or my dog(s), or from any pre-existing health condition of my dog(s), either known or unknown to Barks n’ Rec.


    The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnity, agrees to hold harmless, and to release from liability, for any claim by any person or company against Barks n’ Rec and/or its principals and affiliates, including the legal costs to defend any such claim, whether or not the damages are caused in whole or in part by the negligence, actions or inaction of any of these parties.

    Limitation of Liability

    Notwithstanding this full and unlimited release, if in the event Barks n’ Rec is held liable by legal judgment, arbitration, or any authority for any damage suffered by Guardian(s) or dog(s), the scope of its liability will be limited to the total amount paid to Barks n’ Rec by the Guardian under the Contract over the 12-month period preceding the judgment.

    Privacy Waiver

    My dog(s) may be videotaped, photographed, and recorded when on Barks n’ Rec premises, and Barks n’ Rec shall be the exclusive owner of the results and proceeds of such taping, photography and recordings, with the rights of unlimited use throughout the world, and to copyright, use and license in any manner.


    I certify that my dog(s) has not shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any person, other dogs, toys, or food. However, should Barks n’ Rec feel that a dog poses an imminent threat to visitors, staff, property and/or other dogs, said dog can be expelled without warning or prior notice to the Guardian.


    I agree that I will without question pay for any extra expenses incurred in the reasonable and appropriate care of my dog, as determined by Barks n’ Rec, regardless of the situation. I hold Barks n’ Rec blameless and free of legal, financial and all other liability for any costs, damages or distress of any nature caused to or by my dog(s) against myself, staff, visitors, other dogs, Barks n’ Rec property, or private property. I furthermore agree to compensate Barks n’ Rec, outside staff, and/or other Guardians in full for any such damage.

    Release from Liability

    Signing below indicates your acknowledgement, understanding, and voluntary and unconditional agreement to all of the terms contained within this Release.

    This Care Contract applies to the current relationship between Barks n’ Rec and me. Each time I bring my Dog to Barks n’ Rec, I implicitly affirm the terms of this Contract.